New treatment for hair that perfectly enhances their appearance

New treatment for hair that perfectly enhances their appearance

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New treatment for hair that perfectly enhances their appearance

Botox works on the hair is not more or less like Botox face, skin. The latter probably heard almost everyone. About botox hair still a small group. Mainly clients of hair salons that offer such treatments. The main objective of botox on hair restoration is their structure. Therefore decide to him people who have dull, worn, rough, weakened hair and strutting.

It is not a rare problem, as the hair damage daily treatments such as drying, modeling, straightening. To destroy the hair structure also contribute some cosmetics, for example. Hairsprays, as well as weather conditions such as wind and sun and dry air – especially in winter. Therefore hair needs renewal and regeneration of almost all year round, especially after the winter and the summer. Then with the help of them comes just Botox for hair, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Botox hair at home

Botox for hair, of course we can do in the salon, indulging in the hands of a professional. Most often it is performed in the winter, because the hair after the summer are devoid of life and vitality. Botox for use on the hair cosmetics, which are rich in nutrients. It is they penetrate the hair structure and complementary cavities between the bark and the sheath of hair. The composition of these preparations we find mainly collagen, hyaluronic acid and acai berries.

In contrast to the treatment for the face, Botox hair is non-invasive and painless. Botox for hair lasts approx. 40 minutes and requires no special tools or equipment. In the salon, it costs approx. 30-150 zł depending on the length of hair.

Due to the fact that Botox hair is not a complicated procedure, you can do it yourself also at home. But first you need to buy a good quality skin care. Top reach for the professional, because that’s what they contain concentrated doses of active ingredients and provide the best effect of the treatment. There are also a good choice treatments in ampoules.

Botox for hair. Step by step

Regardless of whether you decide on treatment in the salon or at home, Botox for hair consists of three stages. The first is a specialized washing your hair with shampoo. His task is to open the scales of the hair. As a result, the hair better absorb further contributions cosmetics. Usually the hair is washed twice. When the second wash leave the shampoo on the hair for a long moment.

In the second stage of botox to the hair, not applied to the special lifting serum in the ampoules. It is intended to improve the condition of hair. They are applied on towel-dried hair – or plain paper. Importantly, the serum is applied to the subsequent bands using a special syringe. He leaves them on the hair for approx. 15 minutes under the cap.

The last stage of botox on hair mask is an application that closes the hair scales open earlier. It is applied directly to the serum and holding up her hair for approx. 20 minutes. Then to rinse everything.

Botox for hair. effects

With botoksowi hair rebuild and regenerate. Improves their condition. The effect of Botox is shiny, soft and elastic hair. After such a professional treatment they are also smooth and soft to the touch. An additional effect of Botox for hair to strengthen and revive their color. In addition, the hair easier to put botox.

Botox effect on hair can persist for several months. How long it takes depends on how frequently washed hair and the procedure was repeated and made only once. Smoothing the hair will be displayed for approx. 10-15 wash. To consolidate the effect of Botox hair should use special cosmetics for everyday care that contain keratin and hyaluronic acid. Be sure, however, need to pay attention to the fact that they did not have in its composition SLS, parabens and alcohol.