Homemade masks peeling

Homemade masks peeling

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Homemade masks peeling

Household cleaners scrub have one drawback – their remnants remain in the place where the treatment was carried out and can clog the drain, for example, bathtub. Therefore it is better it before flushing the strainer to protect cosmetic concoctions.


Purifying mask of figure can be used on the face and body. It is ideal for dry and mature skin. The figs are many antioxidants and vitamins, which are also in addition to nutritional cleansing and moisturizing effect. The abrasive nature of the particles are seeds of fig. Olive oil nourishes the skin cells and prevents drying out. For the preparation of domestic formulation in an amount sufficient to facial skin you will need three fresh or dried figs – soaked for several hours in warm water and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Pounded or shredded to a fine figs mix with olive oil and then applied to the skin. On the face of the mask may lie 10 minutes, after which it was taken off gently in a circular motion. The other parts of the body we put enough mixture liberally and vigorously rubbed on the skin for a few minutes, then rinse.


Cranberry fruits contain many vitamins, including vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals. Used as a mask, improves the appearance of the skin, restore its natural color and smooth. For the preparation of the cranberry preparation of purging will be needed: approx. 100 g cranberry oil, migdałowy- 5 grams, sugar-5 g, oatmeal -5-10 g. The abrasive stones are here cranberries, sugar and oatmeal.

All ingredients are placed in a blender and mixing the mass of a few minutes. If we do not have a blender, then cranberries must be thoroughly mash the pulp and mix with remaining ingredients. Dermal leave the mask on for 5 minutes. After this time, gentle movements it is massaged into the skin and then rinsed with lukewarm water.


Grapefruit pulp is ideal for cleaning and peelingowania face. Substances contained in it not only cleanse the skin, but I tone, moisturize, give it shine and restore the natural color. To do this you will need a cosmetic; one red grapefruit, 50 ml milk, 5-10 grams of sugar. This mask is applied warm, so pulp (with white skin) mixed with the remaining components to be heated in a water bath or steam. The warm mixture is left on the skin for 5-10 minutes and washed with warm water.


It’s a good cleansing mask for the face, because quite delicate. Do not use buckwheat honey or honeydew. Best multiflower will be mild or acacia. To perform potions need: 3 tablespoons liquid honey, 40 g of sugar, 20-50 ml of oil. After mixing all the ingredients must be blended mixture is applied to the face and gently massaged in a circular motion. After 10 minutes, this massage the skin is rinsed with lukewarm water.

Sea salt

Kills microorganisms, removes impurities, stimulates a better blood circulation of the skin and rubs off dead skin. This product exfoliating body – not to his face. To perform the home preparation you will need: sea salt – 400-500g. orange or lemon peel wiped with one fruit, olive oil or sunflower oil. If coarse salt bought or “bead” it has to be desirable minced in a blender labo break into smaller pieces. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied to the skin in circular motions. You can leave for a while, necessary to cover the entire body, and then rinse thoroughly.

Grapefruit and sea salt

Sea salt is rich in minerals, as opposed to weighted salt, which in most of the production process has been removed. That is why it is so recommended by cosmetologists. The flesh of the grapefruit is rich in fruit acids, which soften the skin. The ground sea salt (200-250 g) is mixed with pulp from all grapefruit (white with skins) and add approx. 20 g of oil or oil. It is convenient to use a mixer or a blender. This concoction may sting slightly, so people with sensitive skin should be applied very carefully. This is not a cosmetic for use on facial skin.


This is also a food product rather ostry- abrasive skin. It is believed that cane sugar is better than white sugar because it contains small amounts of some minerals. But sugar cane can also be cleaned, so if we just buy one – not worth it, because it will be more expensive and the difference in the effects on the skin will not. To perform the peeling cream you will need to be about 200 grams of sugar, oil, or olive oil, 2 to 3 g of cinnamon, 2 g of the minced pepper. All the ingredients you need to mix thoroughly. This potion will work further warming, so it should not be used in people with vascular complexion. Perfectly removes dead skin cells and improves circulation of blood and lymph. It does not apply on the face.


For the preparation of such concoctions may be used Scrub grounded beans or coffee grounds. Coffee, in addition to the action of mechanical exfoliation, yet the use of an anti-celulitowe. Implementation of the cosmetic is very simple, because simply mix coffee grounds with enough olive oil or to set up a fairly thick mush, which can be easily massaged into the skin. Do not leave it on the skin for longer than 10 minutes top girl style. After this time, wash off with lukewarm water. Made in the same way a cosmetic containing 2 g of cinnamon also stimulates circulation, but it is not specific for people with complexion capillaries or spider veins on the legs. Do not apply it on the face.

Flakes or oat bran

Very good cosmetic for the delicate skin, but also cleanse you and alleviate the irritation. Before using it would be good crush cereal mill, mixer, etc., Then stir in the milk crate, which can be easily applied. After pouring cereal with milk, leave for 10-15 minutes to a well-soaked. Potion massaged into the skin with circular movements. It can be left in the body up to 20 minutes. While it dries, but nourishes and tones the skin. This mask can also be used on the face.

Coconut and coconut oil

It also grains that can help in getting rid of poszarzałego old skin. Coconut mixed with coconut oil, which further strengthens and work nourishing the skin. Oil soothes inflammation of the skin and softens it. Prevents peeling peeling after surgery. This home cosmetic massaged into the skin in circular motions and rinsed with warm water. You can leave it for a few minutes for the body to be better absorbed oil.