Hair removal at home. What method to choose?

Hair removal at home. What method to choose?

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Hair removal at home. What method to choose?

IPL hair removal method

Removal by IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) results in a stable effect of smooth skin. IPL device uses technology that works on melanin – the brown pigment found in hair roots, leaving them permanently. For this reason, epilation soon will be seen in women with fair skin and dark hairs. With this method you can use to remove hair from almost any part of the body, including the face. The treatment is almost painless, but you must remember to shave the skin thoroughly before using the appliance. IPL hair removal also has its limitations – it is dedicated to women with bright hairs or very dark complexion, teenagers, pregnant women or breast-feeding. Before its use must remember hearing the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to choose the IPL epilator?

When surgery is performed alone at home, it is important that the device is completely safe for both the skin and the user. That is why it is worth paying attention to whether the device has a built-in skin tone sensor, which analyzes and adjusts the hue intensity pulse. An important aspect is also the sensor contact with the skin, which prevents putting a pulse when the appliance does not touch the skin. A good tip is also to draw attention to the organization approving the recommendations of this type of device, such as. The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). By purchasing the device also checks its performance, which is determined by the number of flashes that generates device – the higher, the longer we will be able to use it. It is also important to carry out the speed of the procedure, which can be checked on the basis of the number of completed flashes in 1 minute.

electric epilator

Method of hair removal, which has a group of devoted supporters hair removal is mechanical, which has long ceased to be associated with long-term, painful treatments, which could tell us we are. Currently the market offers many devices, which, thanks to technological advancement and the presence of a set of additional attachments or nourishing hair removal, are able to change this routine procedure in a pleasant experience. Electric depilatory may be used by people of all ages, are therefore also suitable for, for example. Teenager. Check also for women with a very bright hairs, or those attached to more traditional forms of hair removal. Depilatories will be suitable for women who want to avoid the “transitional days” between depilacjami and delete the shortest hairs that were not handled by other methods such as wax.

How to choose an electric epilator?

Choosing epilator, many wearers fears discomfort during hair removal. For this reason, we choose the epilator advanced technology that has a range of facilities. The first feature that we should look for is definitely waterproof device girl lifestyle. The use of water in the appliance alleviates discomfort and stimulates the release of endorphins. Ally beginners are also special cap, for example. With massage rollers that rozmasowujÄ… skin during hair removal or golÄ…cymi blades that help in getting used to the treatment of the skin. A relatively new feature is the indicator of the strength of pressure, which shows whether the appliance properly use and allows for more efficient epilation.