Common plant with unusual care properties. Now is the best time to harvest its fruits

Common plant with unusual care properties. Now is the best time to harvest its fruits

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Common plant with unusual care properties. Now is the best time to harvest its fruits

Now is the best time to collect rowan fruit. They grow everywhere. Remember, however, that it is better to choose those areas away from the busy streets. Rather, select the park. And before doing household cosmetics, thoroughly wash rowan.

DIY natural cosmetics with rowan

Rowan imperfections

Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, anti-inflammatory and astringent, its fruits are a great antidote to all kinds of eczema. Just rowan and thoroughly mash the pulp applied on the spot problem areas. To strengthen the effect you can add a few drops of tea tree oil.

With rowan you can also prepare a tonic for oily, combination and acne. Pour boiling water over the fruit, mash and cover for half an hour. After this time, Drain liquid. If you want, you can enrich it with tea tree oil or another that serves your complexion. The remaining pulp can be used to do facials.

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Rowan for dry skin

Rowan fruit have a strong moisturizing effect, so check it against your skin dry with a dehydrated. Just add oil instead of antibacterial ingredients with moisturizing and nourishing. Great check products such as milk, yogurt or buttermilk lifestyle articles. You can also try a version with honey. Essential ideal for dry skin include coconut, macadamia, argan, avocado, pumpkin seed or olive oil.

Rowan on the swelling and dark circles under the eyes

Slightly chilled fruit pulp rowan bring relief to tired skin under the eyes. It will also help reduce dark circles and puffiness. Just remember to be careful and not make the mask into the conjunctival sac.

Be as effective in soaking the swab Tonic rowan and placing a few minutes under the eyes.

Rowan fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fruit acids. Domestic cosmetics using them will be great for the skin because it strengthens capillaries and seal blood vessels. Also check for problems with pimples and acne. The fruit of this plant have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Thanks to the great fruit acids cope with hyperpigmentation, ashen complexion and blackheads. Rowan also has a moisturizing effect.

As you can see, this common plant is really a lot of applications in both the facial skin dry, redness and acne. And in addition it grows everywhere and it would be a shame not to take advantage.